Internet is a vast source of guitar lessons, tutorials wherein you can learn about how a song can be played, what are the chords and tabs for a song, and much more. But there are few basic things which I always had to struggled when I just began to learn playing guitar. I dont say these things dont exists on the internet but what I feel is that there could be a better way for a beginner to begin with playing guitar.

Here at http://www.learnplayingguitar.blogspot.com, I have tried to actually make guitar learning EASY, especially for those who dont even know the basic things about playing guitar.

I will suggest my readers, for those who have just begun with guitar playing, to follow the lessons in the same order in which I have mentioned and I hope you find it beneficial for you.

What is required from you is :
> A guitar in a good condition (Acoustic).
> A guitar pick, preferably a medium gauged pick.
> And, a chair without arms.

Offcourse, some good amount of patience too is required.