Industrial Radio releases 4-string MIDI Bass

The Industrial Radio Midi Bass combines classic bass design with onboard MIDI tracking technology to provide bassists with low latency MIDI tracking.The Midi Bass offers cutting-edge bassists the opportunity to accurately control synthesizer and sampler technology direct from the bass, both in the studio and live.
The Midi Bass features unique proprietary MIDI tracking technology designed and developed by Industrial Radio.The MIDI technology is comprised of a series of electronic sensors embedded throughout the bass guitar, including the fingerboard and bridge. When a note is played, sensors detect this and generate a parallel MIDI stream that can be routed to any MIDI compatible device. This is synchronised with the regular bass audio from the magnetic pickups.

This multi-sensor approach to MIDI tracking provides incomparable speed, accuracy and reliability in the process of MIDI tracking.The Midi Bass features an LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) in the top horn of the bass and specialised controls for easy programming and configuration of advanced MIDI settings.
The Industrial Radio Midi Bass provides superior MIDI controller functionality in a quality instrument, crafted with clinical attention to detail, using only quality hardware. Designed for the professional bassist, the Industrial Radio Midi Bass seeks to provide the best of both the MIDI and classic bass guitar worlds.
Industrial Radio Midi Bass is available direct from Industrial Radio for US$3995.00 standard plus shipping.
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