Michael Jackson Remembered: Best Guitar Songs

Just a few of the things that Micheal Jackson gave us that will never die:
Crotch-Grabbing – This dance move and possible vocal aid coined by Michael Jackson was hijacked by rappers everywhere
The Moonwalk – Although he is often credited for coining the moonwalk, Jackson himself attributed the credit of this move to other sources. The moonwalk has been recorded as early as 1943. However, MJ is definitely the one who brought it to the mainstream when he first appeared to defy gravity as part of his incredible live show and had the whole world trying to learn the dance.
Dancer Face – Another signature of Jackson’s was his facial moves while he danced. When many of us were kids (I know not all of you were kids when Michael Jackson was all over TV but bare with me) and we thought of imitating Michael Jackson we didn’t just dance around. We made the faces and made the noises. I don’t think there is anything out there more imitated.

Although it has been difficult to look at Jackson’s success in recent decades without the many contraversies surrounding the man coming up, his influence on not just his generation but popular culture can never be forgotten. However, its pretty easy to be a target for scrutiny when you are one of the most recognized people in the entire world. Say what you want about him, but this was a man who knew how to do things right. From his song choices, to his businness decisions, there were no notable flops in this man’s career. He has also worked with some amazing guitar players. And, although his music was considered pop, after listening to a few of these you will have a hard time denying that pop music can rock. Here are some of his greatest guitar driven songs.
Black Or White – I could spend the better part of a week looking for a guitar riff more simple and catchy than the main riff for Black and White. This is just a really great feel-good song. Heres a video of MJ playing it with Slash.

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