Concert Review: Mr. Big, Tallinn (Rock Cafe) 2009

Mr. Big’s opening for the tour was full of positive energy
By Andrus Raudsalu,

Source Is Here (Estonian)

7 years of disunity, they have re-convened on stage, with the musicians seeming sincerely glad to be jamming onstage together again.

The band’s pleasure spilled over to the hall, which was jam-packed with many eager fans. Hits like Wild World, To Be With You and Addicted To That Rush caused all of the audience in the venue to burst in to song. Vocalist Eric Martin announced the band would leave the stage, and wanted to know how the audience likes it in Tallinn. The band was invited back three times on the stage by the crowd.

Paul Gilbert and Billy Sheehan, both of which are known for their bag of technical skills (Sheehan was indeed declared to be the best rock bass player in the world by Guitar Player Magazine’s readers) jammed with visible pleasure, demonstrated guitar playing excellence, doing so without much effort and easy irony.

Among other things, they could also be seen in playing electric guitar and bass, with their teeth, and a double-necked guitar, and a double-necked bass (!) They even played four handed (lending the helping hands were drummer Pat Torpey, and Eric Martin).

During the concert, they played the following songs:

* Daddy, Brother, Lover, Little Boy (The Electric Drill Song)
* Take Cover
* Green-Tinted Sixties Mind
* Alive and Kickin’
* Next Time Around
* Hold Your Head Up
* Just Take My Heart
* Temperamental
* It’s For You
* Price You Gotta Pay
* Wild World
* Take a Walk
* The Whole World’s Gonna Know
* Roc k& Roll Over
* Addicted to that Rush
* To Be With You
* Colorado Bulldog
* Shy Boy