Happy Birthday, Joan Jett!

“The godmother to female musicians with loud guitars and idealistic dreams.” That’s how the New York Times once described Joan Jett, expressing a sentiment shared by Jett’s legions of fans.
From her pioneering stint in the Runaways in the ‘70s, to her trailblazing work on hits like “I Love Rock ‘n’ Roll” and “Bad Reputation,” the artist once deemed “the female Elvis” has paved the way for every young girl driven to strap on an electric guitar.
More than that, however, Jett has given us some of the most unabashed guitar-rock of the past three decades. Injecting sass and sneer into a sure-footed sense of melody, the ever-youthful Jett combines a love of classic radio pop with a gnarly attitude in a way that goes to the essence of what rock music is all about.
“I’m a big fan of [pop music],” Jett said, in 2001 interview. “I think it really has to do with degrees of intensity, as to whether a song is bubblegum or rock ‘n’ roll. Good rock ‘n’ roll has to have a good pop sensibility within it. You need to have songs that say something, that have a hook, and that are catchy. Of course I listened to things like Bowie and T. Rex, too. It’s all ‘poppy’ music, but with a harder edge.”
Jett has lost none of her passion for her beloved rock ‘n’ roll. Doubters need only check out her recent performance for the “Nissan Live Set” concert series to see a artist in full flight, still reveling in making music. “I’m so blessed to be doing what I do,” Jett says at one point.Likewise, we’re blessed — blessed that Jett is still going strong and that she’s lost none of her leather-clad edge … We join with Jett’s fans in wishing her a wonderful birthday.