Introducing the FuzzHugger(fx) Wolf Computer Guitar Effects Pedal

After the discontinuation of the classic Wolf Computer effects pedal earlier this year, FuzzHugger and Mellowtone have combined efforts to produce a revival model of this unique favorite, upon seeing that many fans simply couldn’t live without those unique tonal effects.

Recently introducing their new variation, the FuzzHugger(fx) Wolf Computer, this revamped version is complete with all the wonderful snarly and fuzzed tones of the original; easy to render with its Level, Attack, Squelch, and Volt controls.

The new Wolf also includes oscillating motorboating effects, dying Atari sounds, glitching arpeggiation and more–a great range of guitar effects to help you find that unique sound you crave. Designed by Mellowtone, and licensed to FuzzHugger, the new Wolf retains the same aesthetic characteristics, style and performance of Mellowtone products–still providing that quality and uniqueness that we’ve known and loved.

FuzzHugger(fx) Wolf Computer Product Features:

– Level, Attack, Squelch, and Volt controls.

– Professionally printed circuit board designed by Mellowtone.

– Gem button LED.

– True-bypass switching.

– 9v battery power or 9v – tip adapter power.

– Enclosure measures 4.37″ x 2.37″

– Lifetime warranty