Van Halen Guitar Recovered, Arrests Made***

Authorities have apprehended three men in New York who allegedly stole nearly $60,000 worth of musical equipment, including a rare limited edition replica of Eddie Van Halen’s Frankenstein guitar.
As reported by the U.K.’s Rock Radio, the Van Halen guitar is one of only 300 ever made. The instrument closely matches the model on which it’s based, right down to the 1971 quarter jammed beneath the tremolo unit and the cigarette burns etched into the headstock. The instrument retails for $25,000.
Arrested in the incident were American Musical Supply employee Jeronimo Frutero, along with Frutero’s alleged associate Richard Rodriguez. It’s believed that Rodriguez entered the store and bought low-cost items which he then requested be shipped. Frutero, who works in the store’s shipping department, allegedly then shipped the higher-value instruments instead.
A third suspect, Michael Nuzzo, is alleged to have participated in a similar scheme which began with an order placed on line.
Police are said to have recovered all the instruments, including the Van Halen Frankenstein guitar replica.