Zakk Wylde Hospitalized, Black Label Society Cancels Tour

The hospitalization of Zakk Wylde – who is suffering from blood clots in one leg and both his lungs – has forced Black Label Society to cancel the remaining dates of their “Pedal to the Metal” tour. Wylde was diagnosed with the condition last Wednesday (Aug. 19), after going to a hospital emergency room following a concert in Montana.
On 25th Augus, the guitarist-singer was admitted to a medical facility in Eugene, Oregon, where it was determined that his condition had worsened.
According to, most blood clots dissolve on their own without long-term consequences. Occasionally, however, they can block blood flow to an artery in the heart or brain, which can result in a heart attack or stroke. Presumably Wylde is being monitored and treated to prevent such an occurrence.
On his Twitter page, Wylde has posted the following message: “To all our Black Label Family Worldwide, thanks for all the Get Wells. Every 48 hours in the ER to check my blood, had a CT scan today and have blood clots in each of my lungs as well as my leg. Can’t sing because pushing can cause an embolism.”
Gibson joins with Wylde’s fans in wishing the guitarist a full and speedy recovery.