Mack Amps and Mollenhauer Guitars announce a Combo Pak

Mack Amps and Mollenhauer Guitars has announced the launch of our first Combo Pak that saves you over $800! This guitar and amp combo package is the perfect solution to help you get BIG TONE with BIG SAVINGS!

The S3LP is a Les Paul style guitar that features pickup and control wiring that provides 36 tone options using split coil humbuckers that can be switched in and out of phase and in series or parallel – that’s 12 tone options for each of the 3 pickup positions!

From clean, warm jazzy tones to hard driving metal crunch to classic rock or country this guitar will do it all. It’s almost like having 3 guitars in one.

Pairing the S3LP with the Gem’s unique power switching technology means you can dial in overdrive, crunch or high-gain distortion so that even at low volume the tone of your Mollenhauer guitar and Gem amp will not change.

Easy to carry in your backpack or gig bag the Gem Amp is just what you need for recording, rehearsals and gigs in small venues.

Check out the Mack Gem and Mollenhauer S3LP!

This combo pack is available with either the Mollenhauer Quilted Red or Flamed Black S3LP Guitars.

For more information, please visit–mollenhauer-guitars–combo-packages/