Guitar Unleashed has been released

Guitar Unleashed has been released. Learn to play Guitar with our Guitar Unleashed software application that grows as you learn. Each guitar software application contains all you need to get you started when learning guitar. From beginner to advanced Guitar Unleashed will show you how to play the guitar. From the moment you launch your Guitar Unleashed application you will be immersed in an international language that has no borders. We provide a full multimedia guitar lesson experience with the highest quality video, audio and notation.

Guitar Unleashed Features:
– 30 high definition Video guitar lessons, totalling more than 7 hours of top quality guitar instruction, custom produced for us by Lick Library from beginner to advanced including tablature produced in house here at CDH Software where required for the lesson.
– Configurable neck including support for left handed players. No more spending extra time trying to figure out scales and chord charts that are nearly always written for right handed players. One click of a button and the whole fretboard flips over to a left handed instrument. The fretboard also comes in 3 color settings (Maple, Rosewood and Ebony).
– Scales for 27 Scale types including all 7 modes plus pentatonic scales and Melodic/Harmonic minor scales and more in all 12 keys.
– Over 1,000 chords including Major, Minor, Major7, Dominant7 and Minor7 with multiple voicings for all keys
– Triads showing root, 1st, 2nd inversions starting on Low E, A, G and D strings for Major, Minor, Augmented, Diminished and Suspended triads in all 12 Keys.
– The ability to navigate to any position in your media files using the slider from the media control.
– The ability to set loop areas within all media files to allow you to repeat sections over and over again until you nail it.
– Metronone that can be set to up to 260 beats per minute so you can practise those licks at slower tempos until you are shredding like a pro.
– Undockable screens to allow you to view multiple areas of the guitar lesson software at a time. It is very useful to be able to view the scale/chord/triad on the configurable neck whilst watching a video guitar lesson on scales or chords. Immerse yourself in the music and become a part of the band.
– Repository for storing and viewing additional tablature downloaded from your favorite tablature sites.
– After a hard days practise chill out in the Media Room where you can view your favorite videos or listen to your favorite tracks.
– Supports the following video formats: WMV; MPG; MPEG; AVI (Some video formats require the DivX codec available from the DivX website).
– Supports the following audio formats: MP3; WAV; MID; WMA.
– Guitar Unleashed can be expanded by you by adding new guitar lessons from Lick Library or your favorite sites and playing them all through your Guitar Unleashed software. No need to have several different applications to view your tablature, listen to your audio or play your videos. Guitar Unleashed is the complete Guitar Learning workshop that grows as you grow as a player.
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