HX Effects Pedal by Line 6

A multi-effects HX Effects Pedal by Line 6

This Pedal can run upto amazing nine effects in parallel and has more than 100 effects.

The guitarists and bassists who aspire for the flagship Helix effects for the traditional amps and pedalboard setups, HX Effects is the one for them. The HX effects is powered by the same audio engine as that of Helix processors, and on top of it, HX Effects includes the full array of Helix effects and the legacy effects from the -Series and Stompbox Modeler pedals.

Lets have a look at some amazing Features:

  1. HX Effects: A More than 100 HX effects—plus IR support

    HX Effects features more than 100 of the same effects featured in our Helix guitar processors, including distortions, delays, reverbs, modulations, pitch/synth/filters, compressors/limiters, EQs, wahs, and an on-board looper. HX Effects also lets you load custom impulse responses (IRs), allowing you to customize your sound even further.

  2. Dynamic Range: Pristine sound quality and responsiveness

    HX Effects features an industry-leading 123dB of dynamic range for tremendous depth and ultra-low noise. Each effect is delivered with pristine sound quality to ensure an authentic and responsive playing experience.

  3. Analog Bypass: A true Bypass Switching

    HX Effects features selectable analog bypass switching to ensure your tone isn’t compromised when the pedal is bypassed.

  4. Touch Footswitches: Quickly select and edit effect

    Eight capacitive-sensing footswitches with color-coded LED rings, and six LED scribble scrips enable intuitive effect selection and editing. Simply touch a footswitch with your finger to instantly jump to any effect and quickly adjust its parameters. Touch two switches to swap them. And touch and hold a switch to display all parameters across the LCDs to see everything at once.

  5. Robust Routing and I/O: Seamless integration with your rig

    HX Effects is easily integrated into existing pedalboard and studio rigs thanks to robust routing and control options, including parallel stereo signal paths, two assignable effects loops (stereo linkable), two expression pedal inputs, and up to four amp switching outputs.

  6. Instrument and Line Inputs: Connect any instrument, and more

    A switchable line-level input enables keyboardists, DJs, and producers to connect electronic instruments or use HX Effects as an outboard processor in the studio.

  7. Master Controller: A command center for your entire rig

    Like Helix multi-effects processors, HX Effects can act as the command center for your entire rig. Communicate with other pedals or your DAW software via MIDI DIN or USB MIDI, and control your amps from up to four amp switching outputs—all from HX Effects.


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