New Beryllium Pickups announced by Kiesel

New Beryllium Pickups announced by Kiesel

The customised products shop of Kiesel announced new Beryllium Pickups.

Personally designed by Mark Kiesel, the passive Beryllium series pickups uses Alnico II magnets and vintage style windings, which produces less modern sounding, a very classic guitar tone.


These pickups are available in single-coil version and in bridge & neck humbucker. Its a standard equipment in all SH series semi-hollow guitars, the AE185 AE185-12 acoustic/electric guitars and in the bridge position of the Frank Gambale Signature FG1. It also exists in all CS and CT series California Carved top guitars. Many other Kiesel models have it as non-charge option.

Different colored pickup poles are available for the guitarists to order, to match it to their hardware. The standart pickup poles are availble in silver, and the black/gold poles are availble on any of the Kiesel Lithium or Beryllium Series pickups, along with the replacement pickups.

Kiesel introduced metal pickup covers, also available with Lithium or Beryllium pickups, on standard scale 6 and 7 string guitars. These covers have the classic “exposed pole” look, as well as for preserving the adjustability of the individual polepieces.

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