NEXI Bass pedalboard from NEXI Industries

NEXI Bass pedalboard from NEXI Industries

The NEXI Bass pedalboard from NEXI Industries is a powerful solution that many of the bass guitar players around the world were waiting for.

nexi pedalboard

It has four slots that allows the guitarist to click on play any of the Nexi’s analog bass pedals.

The pedalboard has a build in DI, and it is possibly the most convenient of all pedalboards with the feature allowing the users to power a pedal up to 12 volts to the NEXI Bass externally.

It is small in size thus very mobile and allows the guitarists to only carry the essential equipment without sacrificing the tone.

It has a huge display a built-in three-step booster, built-in tuner, and a built-in power supply, definitely a convenience that any of the bass player would wish for.

The price of yet to be defined and it will be available from the month of August 2018. For more details please visit

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